Xen-do Martial Arts Marylebone

Xen-do Martial Arts Marylebone

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Xen-do Martial Arts is located at Seymour Leisure Centre, Seymour Place, London, W1H 5TJ. The nearest underground station is Marylebone Tube Station which is about 8 minutes to the North . Xen-do Martial Arts has beginners and advanced classes for both children and adults.

In here you would be trained with fully licensed and highly qualified professionals who have achieved the highest levels in the discipline. Among them is Dai Master Rafael Nieto who is a World & European Champion, and founder of Xen-Do. He is acknowledged as a leader in Martial Arts.

At our Xen-Do school of martial arts @ Marylebone we pride ourselves on helping our students achieve their goals: whether you want to increase your fitness level, develop your body strength, have fun and unwind or you just want to learn self-defence Xen-Do kickboxing has the perfect programme for you.
From our Marylebone, London location we are able to offer:

Comprehensive martial arts programmes to suit all ages and abilities with personal and private lessons available.
High quality facilities in the heart of the West End, providing a timetable structured to the needs of a busy lifestyle.
Kids kickboxing classes based on our proven 'Little and Junior Champs' programmes.

Training beside some of the highest qualified professionals in the area, and alongside real champions, Xen-do Martial Arts is not just a club.

This place will get you to your fullest potential of health, fitness and of course, self defense. Your life is about to get healthier and safer from the classes offered at Xen-do Martial Arts.


MARTIAL ARTS (16 offers)

All Grades Class (Free Trial Class) FREE
Teenagers (11 - 15 years old)-Free Trial Class FREE
Beginners (Free Trial Class) FREE
Intermediate & Senior Class (Free Trial Class) FREE
All Grades Class (Free Trial Class) FREE
Little Champs (4 - 6 yrs old) Free Trial Class FREE
Junior Champs(6- 11 years old) Free Trial Class FREE
Intermediate & Senior Class (Free Trial Class) FREE
Beginners Class (Free Trial Class) FREE
Stretching (Free Trial) FREE
Learn to Spar (Free Trial) FREE
All Grades Class (Free Trial) FREE
Teenagers Class - 11 - 15 (big 11 to 15 yrs) Free Trial FREE
Little Champs - 4 - 6 yrs old (Free Trial) FREE
Junior Champs- 6 - 11 yrs (big 6 to 11 yrs) Free Trial Class FREE
Learn to Spar (Free Trial) FREE
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Xen-do Martial Arts Marylebone
Seymour Leisure Centre, Seymour Place, City of Westminster, Seymour Place , London , W1H 5TJ , GB
020 7723 0206
Mon 8 PM - 10 PM
Tue 7 AM - 9 PM
Wed 8 PM - 9 PM
Thu 8 PM - 9 PM
Fri 8 AM - 11 PM
Sat 9 AM - 4 PM
Sun 10 AM - 3 PM