PlayEnable aims to give visibility and exposure to various sports and fitness venues. It allows sports and fitness enthusiasts to look for venues, what classes and courses each of them they provide and accordingly allow them to book and reserve their spot in a class

Is it free to add my organization/business?

Yes, it is currently free to add your organization to PlayEnable.

What features are available for my organization/business?

Your organization can be added to PlayEnable in a matter of minutes; just by filling out a few simple fields describing your business. Your organization can have it's own homepage here, at your desired web address, ie, playenable.com/YourOrganization. When creating your organization, you can add any other users here as members of your organization. That way, your employees can register here, and be associated with your organization. Those members have access to all of the administrative features of an organization. Each location can contain all of their available classes and sessions that they're hosting. Location pages contain an interactive calendar that allows users to browse through all of the classes. Users can then register for these classes so their spot is reserved.

Why should I add my organization/business to PlayEnable?

Adding your organization to PlayEnable is not only free, but adds you to our searchable database. Our users will be able to discover your business when they're searching in their area. PlayEnable also gives you an interactive web presence,that could either act as your new home page, or could easily be linked to from your existing web site. Each of your locations automatically becomes browsable in which you can add your class schedule to. Our system provides you with easy registration management for each class that you're hosting, and enables open registrations for our community of users. Creating and setting up calendar and registration software on your own website is time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. In just a few minutes, your business can be completely set up and running on our platform -- plus, it's free, and being here exposes your business and classes to our community, meaning more potential clients for you.

What type of organizations/businesses belongs on PlayEnable?

PlayEnable is open to any business that offers services or facilities related to working out, exercise, fitness, sports, or health. Some examples include gyms, yoga centers, pilates studios, personal trainers, kick-boxing, dance, tennis courts, racquetball courts, and so on. Even if you do not plan on utilizing classes or registration, if your business belongs here, feel free to submit it. That way, our members can discover your organization when searching in their area. If you're still unsure, please contact us and tell us a little about your business.

Do I need to use the class registration system if I add my business?

No, nothing is mandatory. If you just want to list your business so people in your community can find it, you can do that. However, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the class system. The more information you provide about your business, and what it offers, the more visible it becomes in our search engine, and the more attention your business will get. If you don't want to use the registration system, or if you have another registration system in place, you can still add your classes so the users can see what you have available, and simply disable registrations - but leave the classes up for all to see. On the class page, you can link your own site, or your own registration software; it's completely flexible, and most importantly, free.

Is there a long term or minimum contract length? How would we cancel?
A: There is no minimum or maximum contract at all. Our system is flexible and designed to give you, the venue manager complete control. When the classes get put up, you can decide whether you want to advertise some spots or not and also if you want to advertise, you can indicate how many classes you want to advertise and for what price. You will get a free profile page forever where people can read about your venue and see what you offer.

How does the payment system work? I gather from your website that you collect them money and take 15% - do you then pay us the remainer? Also how/who sets the price offered?

A: We have an online payment module setup at our end, so whenever someone makes a booking, he/she gets charged within your cancellation terms & conditions. The main thing to note that unlike all other deal sites and booking providers, we don't set the prices, you do ! You are in complete control of what prices you set and we simply take a commission of 10% from the price that you set. As long as the price is not set at a rate higher than what is displayed on your website, we're fine with it.

How do I get in touch with the PlayEnable team?

You can easily get in touch with us by emailing info@playenable.com or by leaving a feedback. We look forward to hearing from you, whatever the reason may be.