Krav Maga System London

Krav Maga System London

Krav Maga

If you want to know Krav Maga, then you should definitely check out the Krav Maga System, located on the Southeast side of London in the Waterloo neighbourhood. The gym focuses on martial arts and cardio throughout their well rounded Krav Maga classes and experience. Thriving with 7 years experience with their London location, Krav Maga System is an excellent place to get your training and fitness on!

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a Krav Maga professional. The Krav Maga System has classes for all areas of expertise and levels of experienced to ensure that you receive the style of fitness and intensity that you desire for your health and training. In addition, this ensures that there is always an area for you to advance as you get better within the Krav Maga classes. The instructors also have different gradings of intensity to ensure that the beginners get the structured details and classes, and that the professionals get the challenge required.
There is never a dead end, and with classes ongoing and provided at a variety of times throughout the week, there is no reason that you shouldn't take advantage of your fitness with Krav Maga System.

Education and training are a required combination of the staff working at Krav Maga System and you will definitely enjoy this to your benefit. Exercise in a fun, innovative and safe environment and learn techniques and tools that will heighten your sense of safety while also allowing you to achieve your fitness goals.

The best thing about the Krav Maga System is that they have classes detailed for situations. For example, you can learn how to fight off an attacker as a woman, or during road rage, or as a group. Since every situation is different, this can come to you as a huge benefit and you can see exactly how Krav Maga can be implied into your daily life if need be.


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Krav Maga Self Defence (Complete Beginners) £10.00
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Krav Maga System London
11 – 15 Wootton Street, Waterloo, London, SE1 8TG, GB
07850 864226
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