Kimura Gym

Kimura Gym

Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts

The Edmonton and Enfield martial arts classes can be found at Kimura Gym located in London on 35 Harbet Road in London. Kimura Gym provides Jiu Jitsu classes for adults and children throughout the week at a variety of different times to ensure that you can always come in and learn some Jiu Jitsu techniques. Achieve the belt of your next goal with Prof Roberto Ferreira da Silva, Beto & Cia Jiu Jitsu and Prof Arlans Siqueira. Jiu Jitsu will not only prepare you for any dangerous situations that you may come across throughout life, but it will kick you a workout that will totally kick butt.

Classes for adults from on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2000hrs – 2200hrs, Sunday at 1400hrs – 1600hrs, and Saturdays can be booked for personal training, all at Kimura Gym. Kid classes run on Wednesdays at 1800hrs – 1900hrs and Sunday at 1300hrs – 1400hrs. Make it a family affair and ensure your safety and health with the Jiu Jitsu techniques needed to engage all of your muscles that can be used to provide the ultimate self defense.

Kimura Gym is known for their collection of highly trained professionals of all different expertise levels. This allows you to not only learn Jiu Jitsu, but you can also continue with Kimura Gym and achieve the different belt levels and intensity of techniques. Start from the bottom and work your way up, or come on in with the experience you previously had. The Kimura Gym is eager to show you how your body can be used as the best defense mechanism available. Fight off others, weapons and even groups of people with the Martial Arts experience and never feel unsafe again. In addition, your body will get toned, stronger and slimmer as you break, throw and fall your way to the next belt level.


MARTIAL ARTS (4 offers)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes - Adult FREE - £80.00
Kids Brazilian Jiu JItsu FREE - £5.00
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes - Adult FREE - £80.00
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes - KIDS FREE - £5.00
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Kimura Gym
35 Harbet Road Unit C36 First Floor, Edmonton, London, N18 3HT, GB
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