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Chiswick Yoga class by PlayEnable

Posted by Aatish Verma in Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga & Pilates | 0 comments


Class Overview Chiswick Yoga offers customised yoga sessions catering to a variety of individual fitness levels and abilities. The classes will be taught by Jeanine, a BWY and Yoga Alliance trained instructor. The classes are extremely enjoyable while effective in strengthening physical and mental capabilities. The class is driven by the philosophy that life is difficult and yoga is a path to deriving happiness from being in the moment. Classes can be arranged on a number of preferences, depending exclusively on individual needs. Jeanine combines elements from Hatha, Ashtanga, Jivamukti adapting to the needs and abilities of each student.You are sure to receive a lot of personal attention during the class. During and after the class, will feel the positivity of the workouts seep into your well-being resulting in a very satisfying sense of self. Along with this, you build strength and flexibility as well as learn to concentrate more on any given task. The classes are suitable to all age groups (18-40). Chiswick Yoga will soon provide classes catering to children as well. The Instructor Jeanine is a BWY and Yoga Alliance trained and has YA200h Tracher Training qualification. She is full insured and has 1st Aid certificate and Rainbow Kids Teaching certificate. Jeanine's personal journey into Yoga began 16 years ago when she was looking for an antidote to a stressful job. The powerful flowing exercise, the linking of breath to movement and the focus of the poses helped her to be present in the moment. It had a profound affect on her and especially so since she got a flat stomach as a result ! What you should know

  • Yoga has many forms and thus offers a variety of ways to sculpt, strengthen and free the body and mind. Chiswick Yoga combines elements from various forms of Yoga to adapt to individual needs and deliver the best results.
  • Unlike other forms of training, yoga develops your ability to breathe effectively and maintain a calm inner self.
  • Yoga sessions are also effective in improving posture and losing fat.
Class Prices and Locations Drop in classes Private Classes£40.00 per hour within W4. (sessions take place in the comfort of your home). For inquiries outside W4 please send an email. To book your sessions, please click : Chiswick Yoga classes

Review of HIIT1000 by PlayEnable

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HIIT is the revolutionary new program to have taken the fitness world by storm. A total body workout, it successfully combines Circuit style training with high intensity interval training (HIIT) principles. Presided over by Head Coach Mark Lucas, the workout is being increasingly appreciated for its efficiency in meeting an array of fitness goals. Also each session is restricted to only four members at a time to allow a wider scope for personal attention and motivation.


The program ensures a well-balanced workout experience by combining timed intervals of exercise into circuits. Using running, skipping, pushing, pulling, jumping and rowing, the workout combines the best of cardio and strength training to give a new spin to traditional exercise patterns.

WHY YOU WOULD LOVE IT The program is extremely well suited to acquaint participants with functional movements. The program ushers in a much more effective way in building strength and muscle, all while revving up your metabolism and improving cardio-vascular health. Even though you give it your all in the workout, you feel powered up to tackle the day’s challenges.


  • Trial Session - £5
  • 5 Pack - £22 per session (£110)
  • 10 Pack - £20 per session (£200)
  • 20 Pack - £20 per session (£400), which includes:

A private 45 minute fitness and lifestyle assessment

Pre- and post- body fat percentage testing to measure your success

A bespoke nutrition plan based on your fitness goals

Ongoing fitness and nutrition support and advice


  • Twice a week sessions.
  • Burn up to 1000 calories a session.
  • Classes are extremely engaging and challenging, so be prepared.
  • The sessions are suitable to all ages and groups (18-40) and fitness levels.
  • The sessions are exclusive to Dolphin Fitness Club members but non-members are welcome to attend.

You can register and book HIIT sessions at Dolphin Fitness Club online. Dolphin Fitness Club is located at Chichester Street, London SW1V 3LX.

To book the classes of HIIT1000, click here  - http://www.playenable.com/hiit1000

Review of SuppaJump Fitness’ Kangoo Jumps Classes

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SUPPAJUMP FITNESS offers you the chance to experience a revolutionary new way to get in and stay in shape. Using Kangoo Jumps, you could engage in a variety of training methods without the fear of injuries. Founded by Carolina Salinschi, a professional Ballroom and Latin dancer who later pursued her passion for fitness, you can be sure that you are being instructed well. Be sure to enroll for one of the classes and you will be quite surprised. WHY YOU WOULD LOVE IT You can choose from a multitude of exercise programs, all while using Kangoo Jumps to reach your fitness goals. Unlike what meets the eye, Kangoo Jumps are extremely easy to get used to and makes things so much more fun. You do not necessarily have to be in great shape to enjoy the rush, making it suitable for all age groups. Also your cellulite levels appear to vanish before your eyes in just a short period of time. THE CLASS:  Kangoo Jump classes comprise of three essential elements : Power, Dance and Bootcamp. This amalgamation of intensity, dance, aerobics and military-style circuits makes it intense and yet fun without the unnecessary stresses on your skeletal framework. THE PROGRAMS Tailored to suit all fitness levels, the classes are composed of three workout elements: POWER This is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program which challenges the muscular framework of your entire body. It builds up muscular strength and endurance as well as your aerobic capacities without compromising on knee and joint health. DANCE This program combines all the virtues of dance and aerobics into an intense workout. Coming in as a much needed break from the power program, it is thoroughly enjoyable and culminates into a new experience of being in a fitness group. BOOTCAMP This program is essentially a military style circuit training program which incorporates the outdoors as well as indoors into the workout. It imbibes the best of cardio and strength training, while simultaneously being adaptive to individual abilities. The classes ideally suit all age groups (18-40) with little or no training experience. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW

  • One hour classes.
  • Thrice a week.
  • £10 per session.
  • You can lose up to 1000 calories in every session.
Feel the need to bust a sweat while engaging with like-minded individuals? You can find Kangoo Jump sessions at these locations across London: Harris Academy Falconwood, St Alphage Church Hall, West Way Sports and Fitness, Patidar House Studios and SuppaJump.

5 Myths about Salsa Dancing

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Salsa is one of the most popular and enjoyable Latin American dance forms, especially for the purpose of ‘social’ dancing. Salsa dance socials usually take place in night clubs, restaurants, bars, and outside, especially if part of an outdoor festival. Salsa is an international dance form and thus one can expect to find classes being held across all metropolitan cities across the world. Given the popularity of this dance form, a lot of people are very apprehensive to learn salsa. The justifications mostly are based on the myths that surround this dance form. Here, we attempt to elucidate 5 most commonly held myths about salsa and how they are just myths. We can promise that you wouldn’t want to miss reading further.

Myth No.1- ‘’I don’t have a partner, hence I cannot join class’’

The most important and sternly believed myth about salsa is that one cannot join classes without a partner. Salsa is a social dance. In a class, you will find a lot of people from both sexes and you can partner up with anyone. This is really important because it not only helps you to dance with others in class, it really makes you comfortable dancing with others in parties, socials.

Myth No. 2- ‘’I am too old or too fat to do salsa’’

Salsa is an adaptive dance. On one side you can do really complicated twists and spins while on the other you can manage just fine with just the basics of salsa. Dancing has no ‘age-limit’ or need for a particular body size. Absolutely anyone and everyone can do salsa, irrespective of whatever age or body type they belong to.

Myth No.3 – ‘’Salsa is too intimate a dance form’’

Firstly, considering any and every couple dance form as salsa is incorrect. Salsa is actually one of couple dances which can be easily performed without getting too close at all. One must keep in mind that there are several levels/stages of the classes. According to one’s comfort and ease with the dance form, one can improvise on their dancing but in no way does it have to be intimate to be performed correctly.

Myth No. 4- ‘’I have to be a real good dancer to join Salsa classes’’

No one is born a good dancer, are they? People see the salsa performances on the television and think it is really complicated and tough and thus, one must be very flexible and graceful to be able to even earn salsa. Yes, salsa does require to have a posture but everyone has it in them to shake a leg.

Myth No. 5- ‘’I will have to wear SEXY clothes if I want to perform Salsa’’

Another commonly held perception that one must wear skimpy, lacy or what we call quintessentially sexy costumes to perform salsa is also a myth. If you attend socials, you will see that both men and women are dressed in smart casuals or just about anything they are comfortable in, while dancing salsa.

Thus we have listed the commonly held myths about Salsa and shown you how they are actually just myths. You really do not want to miss out on this amazing dancing form. So please hurry and go and book your Salsa classes in London for the weekend as soon as possible.

Review: Aqua Fit Cycling at LAX London Wall

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

LAX London Wall is a world class fitness facility featuring the latest in Technogym equipment, an extensive number of free weights, and a premium swimming pool. Part of the LA fitness group, LAX London Wall is only a 2 minute walk from Moorgate tube station or a 5 minute walk from Bank. Its central position makes it easy to get to from anywhere in London.

WHY WE LOVED IT Inside LAX you’ll find a clean, modern environment with a number of facilities all dedicated to helping you keep fit. You’ll find a pool that’s perfect for post-workout cool downs, a sauna room and a generous number of showers. The staff are courteous and willing to help with any questions you might have.

THE CLASS In this Aqua Fit Cycling class you’ll spend the hour in LAX’s world class pool. During the class you’ll be asked to cycle, both sitting and standing. In between these sections you’ll step off the bikes and complete a variety of exercises, including push ups and sit ups - all using the frame of the bike.

I’ll admit, hopping onto a bike in the middle of a pool was a strange feeling, but once you start pedalling, you immediately start to see why Aqua Fit Cycling has become so popular. I found the class to be extremely welcoming to a beginner like myself and my instructor, Malcolm, was very helpful. I spoke with him after the class and he detailed some of the benefits Aqua Fit Cycling can provide. These include losing weight, getting toned, eliminating cellulite and burning up to 800 kcal in one session!


  • One Hour Classes
  • £10 a session
  • 2 classes per week
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Facilities include sauna, showers and lockers
  • Remember to bring a padlock, towel and water shoes
  • Water shoes can be rented on the day.
Book your next workout at PlayEnable.com. Words and photos by Prajay Ghaghda. Photos via LAX.

London Valentine’s Exercises For You & Yours

Posted by Ken Wallingford in Dance, Sports classes booking London, Tango, Yoga & Pilates | 0 comments


Reds and pinks, the vibrant colours that bloom upon us and evoke passion and love, are the the very essence of Valentines Day. But it shouldn’t all be about the chocolates and fancy dinners. Research has shown that couples who are better attuned to one another develop a stronger emotional bond and sense of understanding between each other known as ‘non-verbal mimicry’. Doing partnered exercised could take your relationship to a whole new heightened and renewed sense of intimacy and closeness, communication and support, and an enhanced physical and mental connection. So, add some zest to your relationship and take delight in sweating out those endorphins and raising those pulses to some Valentine’s Day-themed health and exercise classes. Here’s just a few examples of what London has to offer this weekend. ‘VALENTINES DATE SPECIAL’ AT EGOIST BODY STUDIOS Yoga translates to ‘Union’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit and seeks to ‘unify’ by enhancing closeness and communication via the beauty of touch, the reflections of movements, and enhancing the couples trust and faith in one another. On Saturday, Egoist Body Studios is offering a ‘Valentines Date Special’ at £45 for 2 hours, where you and your partner can rekindle your spark in their tranquil and serene studio, offering yoga, Thai massage, live music and chocolate in this play- not work-shop. Sign up here. ‘YOGA DATING AND SOCIAL’ AT CREATIVE YOGA LONDON If you’re looking to meet, greet and get social, then the ultra-unique studio, Creative Yoga London, works by combining yoga with dating, and connecting people with movement for a truly holistic and urban experience.’ Their ‘Yoga Dating and Social’ takes place this Sunday from 7-8:30 pm and costs £15. More info here. GET READY TO TANGO AT TANGO FREDERICO For the more vivacious, who desire to captivate their Valentine into a flamboyant and sensual tango, then look no other way than Tango Federico this Saturday from 8:30-9:30 pm. The cost is £9 and if you’re feeling even more durable, you can go on to further enjoy after hours tango, with the class extending from 9.30 pm-2 am which includes social dancing and drinks for £12. More info here. ‘VALENTINES SWING’ WITH THE LONDON SWING DANCE SOCIETY Swing some passion into your love life and jive your way to the booming London Swing Dance Society, founded by the swing dance champion Simon Selmon in 1986. For £8, this Saturday they’re offering a ‘Valentines Swing’ for beginner to intermediate levels from 7:30 pm to 1 am, with a prize for the best dressed ‘matching couples’. More info here. For more ‘couple’-induced ideas for exercise and fitness classes, visit PlayEnable.com. Words by Lisa Gastaldello / Feature image via

4 Reasons Parents Should Encourage Child Yoga

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Yoga isn’t only for the health-conscious and fitness enthusiasts; it promotes health and relaxes minds. It improves core strength, balance and physical discipline. So why aren’t we encouraging our kids to take up yoga more frequently?

“The world is moving around us at such a rapid pace and children feel all sorts of pressure-from school, home, the media etc-to keep up with everything around them,” says Lauren Hasseck, instructor and founder of the Yoga Club.  “Yoga functions as a type of release that alleviates those pressures.”

So here’s four reasons why yoga for your children isn’t just fun, but also important.

CORE AND PHYSICAL STRENGTH Yoga allows us to use every fibre of muscle in our body. It allows us to stretch, bend and use our muscles in ways that we don’t usually use them. Not using our muscles enough is a concerning issue, especially when it comes to the development of our kids. Yoga’s rigorous, yet relaxing exercise methods will have children using their muscles, increasing their core strength, and capitalizing on relaxing exercise.

ADVANTAGES: Builds core strength, burns fat, promotes a healthy way of living.

DEVELOPING YOUNG BODIES FOR THE FUTURE Yoga-muscle development increases a child’s strength which allows them to write more efficiently and prepares them for Physical Education class. It naturally braces children for sports they may take up when when they're older, and decreases the chances of a future muscle injury. Developing an active and healthy body and mind at an early age will echo into adulthood.

ADVANTAGES: Prepare children for everyday life, helps form an educational perspective

INCREASING HAPPINESS AND MENTAL STRENGTH According to youngminds.org.uk, nearly 80,000 children suffer from some sort of depression and 8,000 children under the age of 10 suffer from severe depression. This is exactly what yoga opposes. A regular yoga practice stimulates more natural energy, creates a healthy mind, a regular sleeping pattern and a cheerful mindset naturally occurring because of released endorphins. The practice helps stimulate a child and aids them in overcoming social anxiety or depression.

ADVANTAGES: Nurtures a natural energy and peaceful mind

SOCIAL HARMONY In this day and age, technology rules the roost. With tablets, mobile phones and TV, dominating playtime, getting a group of children to socialize together is increasingly pertinent. Having a regular class of yoga allows them to interact, exercise and play together. It will help increase their social competence in an easy, friendly and nurturing way.

As Lauren Hasseck says, “yoga is a non-competitive activity, which enable (children) to boost their self-esteem and confidence.”

Check out studios like Special Yoga on PlayEnable.com for more child-related activities.

Words by Ben Newton / Feature image via

5 Ways To Keep Fit At Work

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Having a full time job shouldn't deter you from keeping fit and healthy. Including some simple methods into your daily routine will not only improve your fitness, but will inevitably improve your mood, productivity and concentration. Here are 5 ways to keep you fit while at work!

Take the stairs

A simple way to keep your muscles working is to avoid the lift. Walking up and down the stairs is an easy way to burn calories and strengthen your muscles. Stairs are free and foolproof so take advantage of this extremely easy way to keep fit.

Use your office space

Don’t feel confined to your desk – taking regular breaks will improve concentration, and to keep you fit try walking around the office. Take it a step further and try some simple stretches or maybe even some squats – just make sure you let your colleagues know first!

Take advantage of your lunch break

Your lunch break is a good time to really focus on keeping fit and healthy. Start by having a balanced, healthy meal – salads, fruits and meals high in protein are perfect; avoid processed foods such as crisps and sodas. As well as having a healthy meal, another way to take advantage of your lunch break is to take a brisk walk. Not only does this keep you fit but also it lets you explore new surroundings and takes your mind off your busy day at work.

 Keep hydrated

Staying hydrated is extremely important and you should always ensure a fresh supply nearby. Whether at your desk or on the go, make sure you are hydrated at all times. Drinking plenty of water improves your skin, controls calories and energizes your muscles.

 Keep a stash of healthy snacks

Common snacks for the workplace include almonds, fruits and seeds. However if you are someone who enjoys a range of foods try some of these delicious healthy snacks; popcorn, beef jerky, dark chocolate, pretzels or edamame. Fransisca Smith

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